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Anamnagar, Kathmandu P.O.BOX: 8975-epc-5237 Phone: 01-4487086 Contact Person: Dr. Prem Narayan Aryal


The demand for quality teacher education & training is growing day by day with the advancement of science and technology. Every year the number of students willing to join the teacher education programme keeps increasing. This increment may be due to mandatory teacher training & teacher licence system.The untrained teachers at the secondary level on the other hand are willing to be trained. At the same time, there is a large mass of teachers in the teaching job who need b ..Read More

Message From the Chair Person

I am privileged to introduce Institute of Open Learning as the only Institute in Nepal which has been running One Year Bachelor's of Education degree program through distance mode for the past12 years. Of the nine universities in Nepal, Purbanchal Un ..Read More

Message From Campus Chief

A professional team of experts with national & international repute is responsible for the overall management of the open learning education programme. Besides, the faculty provides technical expertise and academic direction to the programme both at ..Read More